The Modern Engineer
What it takes to succeed

Thirteen inspirational interviews with thirteen industry leaders.


The engineering industry is one of Australia’s strongest economic drivers while in New Zealand it continues to surge forward thanks to a high volume of work. In response, the engineering jobs market is increasingly active, providing good opportunities for suitable professionals to advance their careers.

But what makes a candidate suitable in today’s market? What makes a successful modern Engineer and how must Engineers adapt to the rapidly changing world of work in order to remain current and employable?

To answer these questions we surveyed 340 Engineers including thirteen in-depth interviews with industry leaders. In this report we present our findings on what makes a modern Engineer.

The Role of an Architect

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We surveyed 201 architects across Australia & New Zealand, as well as undertaking in-depth interviews with nine industry leaders. We found out how the industry - and more specifically the role of an architect - is adapting to our ever changing world.

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Hays Jobs Report

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Read the most recent Hays Jobs Report, revealing current recruitment trends within the engineering industry.

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