What it takes to be a Payroll Manager
It’s not all black and white


What qualities make a great Payroll Manager?

Of course, career paths can vary greatly, but it seems logical that those who do become a top-level Payroll Manager, in whatever size organisation, share something in common. Here we look at these common characteristics to identify what it takes to be a Payroll Manager. 

We surveyed 430 Payroll Managers and conducted in-depth interviews with two employers and one Payroll Manager. We are very grateful to them for their time. From qualifications and experience to personal development and work/life balance, our report gives you an insight into what it takes to make the top job in payroll.

If you are considering your career options and want to become a leader in the payroll industry, our report will give you an insight into what it takes. And if you are already a Payroll Manager, or well on your way to becoming one, we hope you find what your peer group have to say about success to be interesting and engaging. 


Key findings

The key findings on what you need to succeed in this role.

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Use our infographic as a quick snapshot of the most important findings of our research. Find out what you need to make it to the top job in payroll.

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