Accountancy & Finance salary insights

Salaries are increasing overall across New Zealand’s accountancy and finance markets, in both commercial and practice environments, as candidate shortages increase and a strong trading environment creates greater staffing demand.

A&F Insights NZ

Accountancy support teams are becoming leaner in response to automation and technology. Candidates who adapt to change and are technically savvy are highly valued above those who focus on manual processing duties.

Having said this, experienced Credit Controllers and Payrollers remain in demand in organisations experiencing revenue and headcount growth. Salaries for these positions are growing moderately.

Meanwhile, improved ERP systems are producing quality data, which organisations increasingly use to inform business decisions. This has increased demand for Financial Analysts, Management Accountants and Finance Business Partners who understand and have experience in this area. Given demand, salaries have increased for Analysts.

Salaries have also increased for Business Partners and Project Accountants, particularly for those working in the booming manufacturing and construction industries.

Within professional practice, more SMEs are embracing cost effective accounting tools, which is forcing firms to readdress their services and pricing strategies as well as expand the solutions they offer, including HR services, technology and cyber security consultancy solutions.

Skill shortages across professional practice continue to impact productivity. Jobseekers typically receive multiple offers from private practice, commercial organisations and the public sector.

During 2018-19 we expect government policy changes to impact staffing demand. The new government is finalising a number of policy initiatives that will ramp up requirements once they are implemented.

In the coming year, salaries should move upwards across the board as demand continues to increase. There will be a continuing need for employers to move quickly through the recruitment and selection process if they are to secure top talent.