Talent management

Tips to help you manage, develop, retain and plan talent effectively. Explore the articles below or download a copy of the report.

The secret to talent management planning


There’s an old adage that you cannot run before you can walk. The same principle can be applied to talent management; you cannot create an effective talent management strategy without first understanding the business’s strategy.

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How to establish if a potential manager will succeed


How can you tell exactly what qualities someone requires to excel in management in your organisation? Don't set staff up to fail.

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Are we letting down middle managers?


When we consider that middle managers will one day shape an organisation, driving it through the hard times and helping it prosper in the good, learning and development should be ongoing throughout a person’s entire career.

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Do we need a ‘right to disconnect’ at work?


Work-life balance. It’s been a hot topic for many years and now Millennials are bringing their own perspective to the issue: work-life ‘integration’.

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Performance reviews – are they as dead as the dinosaurs?


Are we dinosaurs welcoming the annual performance appraisal meteor or do performance appraisals still have a useful purpose in workplaces today?

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Talent management for temporary staff


The rapid rise in the use of non-permanent staff over recent years can be put down to the ability to access highly-skilled professionals on-demand and as needed, whether on a temporary, contract or contingent basis.

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