Temping and contracting job information


You are about to embark on an exciting "career" as a member of the flexible workforce. Companies are now very confident in the skills available to them at short notice and factor temporary staff and contractors into their workforce planning, particularly for assisting with project work, covering peak demands, annual leave and system updates.

No longer is the temporary "just a temporary", but an important, integral part of the team!

We fill thousands of temporary assignments every week, so we are perfectly placed to give you all the information you need.

This information has been designed to help you achieve your objectives and make your "interim contribution" as rewarding as possible. We welcome your feedback at any time, speak to your consultant.

Hays temp training

To access this service you will need to have a username and password assigned by your consultant. We offer all of our temporaries the opportunity to access our free online training facility to brush up general computer skills in all today's relevant software packages. You can train from home via the internet if you want to, just ask your consultant for a schedule of times available and login details.