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Curious about new skills to set you up for your next step? Hays learning offers free online courses to help you get closer to your next career goal. 
Continuous learning is now the foundation for long-term career success. To help you get ahead of the curve, we designed Hays Learning, our central spot for all things upskilling, giving you instant, free, access to hundreds of new skills. 
The range and flexibility of courses offered by Hays Learning means that you can continue your learning journey in a way that works for you, making your next within reach.

How do I get started?

Your continuous learning journey can start right now. Sign into our free, easy-to-use online learning platform in seconds.

How to find a course that suits me?

Dip into our most popular courses of the year. Don’t get left behind, these are the courses that hundreds of learners tackled over the past twelve months. Our newly featured course list gives you a taste of some of our new favourites.
These courses cover a wide range of topics. Your next could be learning communication and public speaking skills or brushing up on your creative problem-solving skills.
If you’re tight on time, you can take a short course in how to present data or learn a new skill in Excel
We have thousands of courses to choose from, take a look below or sign in to explore more courses.

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About Hays Learning: Free E-learning online classes

Investing in new skills can be a lengthy and sometimes expensive process. Working in partnership with Go1, Hays Learning makes that easier. Our free online learning platform is available for you to use for the purpose of skills development. With courses relevant for all career stages, our learning can help you regardless of the stage you are at in your career. With hundreds of free online courses available on Hays Learning, you’ll be able to find a topic aligned to your career goals.

Best of all, Hays Learning is an advanced E-learning platform that provides a flexible learning experience, so you can learn at your own pace at a time that suits you.

Hays Learning: What are the benefits?

With Hays Learning you’ll be able to realise the full benefits of skills development. Increased earnings capacity, improved job security, heightened job satisfaction, additional employment prospects and sustained career progression are among the key benefits that Hays Learning aims to provide. Members get:
  • Free access: The short online courses available on Hays Learning are completely free and address key skills development areas: technical, soft and digital skills.
  • Superior learning experience: Levels vary from beginner to advanced allowing for a tailored online learning experience. Choose the free online classes that best suit your needs.
  • Flexibility: Avoid the pressure of deadlines and learn online at your own pace. Progressive learning is made possible with courses taking as little as 15 minutes.
  • Skills recognition: Get credit for your skills development through certified recognition. Add your new skills to your CV and social profiles such as LinkedIn.
Current and prospective employers should always be aware of your skills and the positive ways you can contribute.

Why Hays Learning? Skills development is essential for career success

Hays Learning offers free online courses that focus on skills development. You can acquire or improve your competencies in all skill areas, including technical skills, soft skills and digital skills.

Having the right foundations is critical for creating a successful career. Soft skills are the building blocks and comprise of personal attributes and characteristics that are essential to any job. They include skills relating to:

Our free online training will educate you on how to best apply these skills in the workplace.

With these fundamental soft skills for a successful career attained, the next step is to develop the technical skills for your desired role. Technical skills include specific knowledge of concepts and processes required to complete the requirements of a job description.

Digital transformation has resulted in employers placing a greater emphasis on the requirement for digital proficiency. With new devices, platforms and applications constantly being created, continuous upskilling is now required rather than desired. Using our Hays E-learning platform, you can improve your digital skills and turn them into an area of strength that will increase your employment opportunities.

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