Recruiting tips for SMEs



Many SMEs believe it is hard to compete with big corporations for highly skilled workers. In a market that’s confident and creating jobs, it’s little surprise people want to explore other opportunities. But as a business owner, how can you recruit and hold onto top talent?

At Hays, we work in partnership with SMEs to fulfill their hiring and recruitment needs across temporary, contract and permanent roles. We understand the hiring and staffing-related challenges SMEs face and are keen to share our knowledge and expertise with our SME clients.

That's why we've developed a series of SME specific articles which we invite you to explore.

Recruiting the perfect person

One of the most difficult and yet the most important aspects of recruiting is the interview. Not many of us have much experience in this area and yet we rely heavily on this one hour to give us all the answers about a potential candidate.

How to write a position description

You’d be amazed at the number of employers who contact us asking for help to find and engage their next employee without having a clear indication of exactly what they want.

Using a recruitment consultancy

Would you say the task of finding and engaging the right candidate for your vacancies is a challenge? Large organisations have greater resources and dedicated HR personnel and even then they still turn to recruiters.

Benefits of temporary workers

Temporary, contract and freelance workers have become the new normal in SMEs as employers adopt headcount flexibility.


How new staff are managed into your SME – the onboarding process – can be the difference between an ultimately successful hire and one that is destined to fail.

SME Meeting

How can SMEs find the best cyber security talent?

Cybercrime is rated by small to medium-sized enterprises as one of the biggest risks to their business.

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SMEs – look for these three traits when hiring

The unified culture in your SME can very easily be disrupted if you were to hire the wrong person. Therefore it’s important that you find talent who not only fits, but thrives within your team.

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SMEs & staff retention: 2 budget-friendly strategies that work

Challenging, exciting work and career development can be easily provided in SMEs and they do not need to stretch your budget or require staff to be absent from the workplace.

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How can SMEs retain their staff without breaking their budget?

Staff retention can feel like a real challenge to some SME leaders. This is especially true if, like in most cases, they are competing for top talent with larger, more established corporates; corporates whose brand names look great on a CV or who are potentially able to offer a tempting salary and benefits package. 

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SMEs: Fix your digital skills gap

As technological change sweeps through organisations, it’s creating a digital skill gap that many SMEs struggle to fill. Here are 3 steps to close the gap. 

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