What's challenging today's senior finance leaders?

A report brought to you by Hays Accountancy & Finance

In recent years Hays Accountancy & Finance has produced several reports in which we share the opinions of accountancy & finance professionals on various industry and career issues. This includes our 2014 report, the DNA of a CFO, in which we uncovered the traits CFOs share. Fast forward a few years, and we felt that the time is right to talk to industry leaders about what's keeping them awake at night.

To gather their opinions and understand their challenges, we interviewed 374 finance leaders face-to-face across Australia and New Zealand.

We found that most finance leaders still think soft skills are as important, sometimes even more so, than technical skills, and professionals who possess these soft skills are the most challenging to find.

A sure sign of the times, what keeps today’s finance leaders awake at night are IT and digital challenges such as cyber security, big data and automation rendering some job functions defunct.

In this report, we summarise our survey findings and share the opinions of a number of industry leaders with you. Request your copy now and take away some tangible insights into the current status and future direction of the finance industry.


Big image - DNA of a CFO

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