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As a specialist in your field, do you have what it takes to advance your career to the next level? Do you know what skills and experience you need to achieve to reach your dream job role? We aim to help you answer these questions and more, by sharing insights from the experts at Hays as well as industry experts who have forged a successful career in your chosen profession. We have built a unique catalogue of reports which we invite you to explore and participate in a comprehensive learning experience relevant to employees, jobseekers and hiring managers.

Download our latest industry reports to further your expertise when applying for a role, or sourcing candidates. In our collection, we share tips and advice on popular career choices for engineers, architects, marketing directors, finance leaders and more.

In addition, the Hays Journal and Hays Jobs Report offers substantial insights and observations on the latest skills in demand and recruitment industry trends in your industry or profession which makes for interesting reading. For further information on these topics download free copies of these reports below or speak to a member of the Hays team today.

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Role of an Architect

Find out from 200+ architects and industry leaders about the ins and outs of the profession.

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DNA of a CIO

For aspiring CIOs, gain an insight into what it takes to reach the top job in IT.

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Road to Construction Manager

Discover the career journey and requirements for succeeding as a Construction Manager.  

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DNA of a CPO

Today’s procurement leaders operate in a world of continuous change, learn what it takes to succeed as  CPO.

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Credit Manager report

Do you have what it takes to succeed as a Credit Manager in today’s world of work?

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Payroll Manager report

We investigate the common characteristics to identify what it takes to be a Payroll Manager. 

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Cyber Security Talent report

We look at the factors driving cyber security skills demand and what organisations can do to find top talent.

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Modern Engineer

Learn about the role of an Engineer in New Zealand and how it's adapting to the modern world.

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What it takes to be an EA

Think you have what it takes to become an Executive Assistant? Find out with Hays.

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What's challenging today's finance leaders

In this report, we provide insights from industry leaders into the future direction of the finance profession.

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DNA of a CFO

We spoke to 500 CFOs across Australia and New Zealand to uncover their DNA.

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Hays Journal

Our bi-annual publication providing insight and news for HR, recruitment professionals and hiring managers.

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DNA of an HRD

Career paths can vary, but those who become HR Director share something in common.

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Hays Jobs Report

Find out what skills are in demand in New Zealand as well as job market trends and recruitment hotspots.

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DNA of a Marketing Director

Learn what it takes to become a Marketing Director with insights from Hays New Zealand.

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