De-gendering gender diversity


Hays Gender Diversity Report

New Zealand is doing better than Australia at working towards equal pay, flexible working options and career advancement for women, but we’re still far from achieving workplace gender equality.

That’s one of the key findings explored in our 2017 Gender Diversity Report released on International Women’s Day 2017. The report also found that, compared to their Australian counterparts, women working in New Zealand are 11% more likely to have received a promotion in the last 12 months, 14% more likely to have the opportunity in their current role to promote themselves and their ambitions and 12% more likely to think that equal career opportunities are open to them.

However we’re falling behind in two key areas: 84% of New Zealand respondents said the most senior person in their organisation was male (higher than Australia’s 80%), while 65% said their line manager was male (also higher than Australia’s 61%).

In addition, 92% of New Zealand’s working women compared to 61% of New Zealand’s working men think women encounter barriers in their career progression.

As for how we can make further gender diversity progress, the survey suggests that de-gendering gender diversity and the offering and acceptance of equal parental leave and flexible working options without career consequences for both men and women could improve female representation in the workplace.

To help make real and lasting gender equality progress, we need to start talking in terms of ‘family-friendly’ rather than ‘women-friendly’ policies and offer and accept the decision of men to work flexibly and take paternity leave.

While we’re ahead of the Aussies in this regard, we still have a long way to go before real gender equality is achieved in New Zealand’s workplaces. 

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