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How much should I be earning in my IT job?

There’s no doubt about it, employers need tech skills, and they need them now. Your skills are in demand, but do you know their true worth? Our simple to use Salary Checker tool uses your job title and location to show you a high, typical and low salary comparison for over 70 tech jobs around New Zealand.
Want to find out whether your current pay matches up to your peers? Maybe you want data to help build your case for your next pay rise. Or you might want an idea of what you could earn with the next step up in your career.

About Hays salary checker

​​Whether you are looking for a new job or a pay rise, it helps to understand what the typical IT salaries are and what your potential earnings could be.
Our salary checker tool allows you to quickly see the salaries for your IT job, or job of interest. As a wage checker and pay guide tool, you can undertake a simple salary comparison and explore tech salaries in New Zealand.
Our Hays salary checker provides you with quick access to salaries for your specific job role in your location. For tech professionals, our salary checker tool provides:
For tech professionals, our salary checker tool provides:
  • Quick access to the highest, typical and lowest salaries offered for your IT job in your location
  • Covering over 70 IT jobs across New Zealand, Hays salary comparison tool provides instant insights on pay and salary benchmarking for your exact job and location.
  • A wage checker that allows you to confirm if you are getting paid what you’re worth.
The insights allow you to understand typical salaries for your role in today’s market, negotiate your next pay review or plan your career progression.

Download the 2021 Hays Salary Guide for IT salaries in New Zealand

For more detailed salary benchmark insights, you can download our complete Hays Technology Salary Guide. Based on a salary survey of thousands of organisations and skilled professionals, it explores not just current salaries, but also hiring intentions, recruitment plans and staffing trends. It’s the most comprehensive salary survey in New Zealand today, offering trusted and unrivalled market salary rates.