It’s time to look beyond the numbers

Hays Salary Guide IT Edition reveals that skills shortages are entrenched in the Australian and New Zealand labour markets and these unshakeable deficiencies continue to intensify in many industries – including the IT industry. Despite increases in skilled migration, emerging technologies and an uncertain economic environment, almost nine in ten employers are experiencing a skills shortage now.  

Employers must see beyond the numbers and make smarter decisions for their talent strategies and consider the other benefits they can offer to attract and retain now more than ever.  

In the Hays Salary Guide IT Edition you’ll find:

  • Tech salaries for hundreds of jobs
  • Emerging workforce trends 
  • Market insights and recommendations 
  • Benefits and hiring intentions 
  • Attraction and retention strategies 
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Key findings from our Hays Salary Guide IT Edition



of employees intend to remain with their current employer
of employers intend to increase their permanent headcounts


of employees will ask for a pay rise of employers will offer higher salaries

About Hays Salary Guide IT Edition 

Market volatility, economic uncertainty and the rapid redefinition of what work is means that organisations and employees need to look beyond just salaries. 

The Hays Salary Guide extends far beyond the numbers to offer market insights and emerging workforce trends to empower you to make smarter, more informed decisions for better talent strategies and career progression.

Offering insights from more than 14,000 respondents across Australia and New Zealand, the Hays Salary Guide helps you make the most of the market.  

In the guide, we provide salary data for roles across the following verticals:

Salary Guide New Zealand 2023 FAQ

What is the IT salary guide in New Zealand 2023/24?

The IT edition of the Hays Salary Guide NZ goes deeper into the data snapshot of over 1250 positions across New Zealand to focus on the IT industry. It gives IT professionals the ability to easily reference in-depth salary insights, including average salaries and hiring trends, for any given job title. The salary guide arms employees with knowledge of pay and salary benchmarking for their specific role and area to help them negotiate the best rates during their job search. 

What is the salary of an IT helpdesk person in Australia?

In NZ, an IT helpdesk person can earn between $55,000 and $80,000 NZD depending on their level and seniority, with level 1 service desk workers having an average salary of $55,000 - $75,000, while level 2 service desk workers earn between $70,000 and $80,000. 

Which IT job pays most in New Zealand?

According to our data from the IT Salary Guide NZ, the highest paying IT jobs in New Zealand are for Program Managers, who earn between $170,000 and $240,000 depending on their location and experience. Project Directors earn the second highest amount, with a salary ranging between $160,000 and $220,000. Close behind are IDMA Architects at between $170,000 and $210,000.