Contact Centres salary insights

Contact centre salaries increased slightly in 2017-18 in response to the shortage of experienced professionals on shore.

Contact Centres Insights NZ

Employers were willing to slightly increase salaries for the limited pool of experienced candidates without any visa restrictions. 

Inbound and outbound Telesales Representatives and Customer Service Representatives with data entry and administration skills will remain in high demand. Due to the technical and communications skills these positions require, the supply of suitable candidates fails to sustain the demand generated by SME growth across various sectors, including manufacturing, distribution, FMCG, freight, logistics, automotive tools and supplies, and the services industries.

In terms of soft skills in demand, employers look for candidates who are resilient, committed and able to quickly grasp various computer systems who can also cope with high activity volumes and work long hours.

In addition, SMEs require candidates who can fit into a small team and share responsibilities with their colleagues rather than focus solely on a limited scope of work. With few suitable candidates, salaries are increasing for these professionals.

While demand is high for the abovementioned skills, there is a surplus of candidates without experience who want to enter the contact centre industry. There is also a high number of candidates with overseas experience but visa limitations. Some medium to large financial corporates will sponsor or upskill these candidates, although this is not the level where staffing demand is greatest.