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Digital transformations are driving vacancy activity across New Zealand as organisations become customer centric, utilise the benefits of data and upgrade in new technologies.

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As a result, migrations to cloud based services, security, AI, big data and analytics are all fast becoming essential elements of everyday business.

The migration of local infrastructure to cloud platforms, in particular Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services, is fuelling demand for Cloud and Security Architects and Engineers with exposure to DevOps environments. Employers are therefore competing for the top talent and experienced and well qualified Cloud and Security Architects are commanding salary increases.

Meanwhile, the focus on data ETL development and the design and build of data warehouses has led to high competition for BI/DW Developers, Business Intelligence Developers, ETL Developers, Data Scientists, Reports Developers, Architects and Big Data Engineers. As a result, candidates increasingly expect improved salaries and or contract rates since they are more aware of their value.

Full Stack Developers are sought by small to medium enterprises and the public sector. These professionals understand the latest frameworks, design cloud integration solutions and develop across the technology stack, thereby reducing the need for additional headcount. Given demand, salaries have increased for high calibre candidates.

In the Microsoft domain, the growing popularity of .NET Core is fuelling demand for Developers with commercial experience utilising this framework. This is also pushing up salaries.

Strong candidates with heavy integration and API development expertise related to Java and open source technologies are scarce. In addition, SilverStripe remains very popular across the public and private sectors, creating demand for Front-End Developers who can use this framework. Those who have heavily customised Drupal are also sought as a strong alternative to SilverStripe Developers.

DevOps remains a growth area, especially at the enterprise level to support business transformation and accelerate the delivery of applications while maintaining quality. This is leading to salary increases. Senior IT professionals with experience in Popular JavaScript frameworks for light weight single page applications such as React/Angular are in short supply too and therefore command higher rates and salaries.

Cyber security and data security is another growth area in government organisations where business continuity is a focus and a large amount of data is stored on the cloud. This is creating demand for cyber security specialists including Data Engineers and Architects. With high demand but a small candidate pool, organisations are using the complexity of their projects and attractive salaries to compete for the top talent.

Employers are also experimenting with new and emerging disruptive technologies such as augmented reality, blockchain and machine learning. Any candidate with commercial experience in these areas is therefore in demand.

For all other IT roles, New Zealand generally remains candidate-led at the senior level. Organisations are consequently competing for candidates by offering either a salary increase or additional benefits such as flexibility, remote access, increased annual leave or share options.

Keep track of the latest tech recruitment trends

For more insights or to see how your salary compares, download a copy of the FY 18/19 IT Salary Guide excerpt.