Office Support salary insights

The major office support trend of 2017-18 was the increase in hybrid roles, such as a Personal Assistant who is also responsible for HR, a dual Product and IT Administrator and a multi-lingual Receptionist who provides technical sales support.

Office Support Insights NZ

Given demand, typical salaries for such cross-skilled candidates increased.

Demand for multi-skilled office support professionals will continue in 2018-19 at the expense of traditional PA, administration or Receptionist skillsets as organisations look to save costs in response to tight budgets.

Another trend has been stricter Health & Safety requirements. WorkSafe site checks and media attention on workplace accidents have driven up demand for skilled Health & Safety professionals who can take a dedicated approach. Despite demand, salaries remain steady.

Strong Executive Assistants will remain in demand too. Typically sought by large organisations, they are sought to support high profile individuals. While there are a lot of Executive and Personal Assistants applying for such vacancies, highly-skilled professionals are in short supply. Depending on location, salaries have started to increase for candidates with a broader range of skills.

Candidates who can multitask and proactively take on additional responsibilities will find they are presented with the best opportunities in the market at present.