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Hays & NZIOB Construction Salary Guide

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What to expect in the Hays & NZIOB Salary Guide

The general sentiment and confidence expressed by businesses and employees alike in the latest 2021 edition of the Hays Construction & NZIOB Salary Guide contrasts markedly to mid-2020 industry predictions.
When comparing 2021 actuals with 2020 forecasts, the major theme is that companies are in better shape compared to their expectations a year ago, when the ramifications of COVID-19 were still largely unknown. In parallel, employees have become more bullish about their prospects in the subsequent 12 months.

In the guide you will also discover:

  • The latest salary data for the building and construction industry
  • Typical salaries for 18 roles qualified by 11 locations, construction type (commercial, industrial, infrastructure and residential) and project size
  • The latest benefits, hiring and skills shortage trends
Our insights are based on a survey of construction leaders and professionals across New Zealand.
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Key findings from the Hays & NZIOB Construction Salary Guide include:

  • Almost all – 93% of organisations surveyed will feel the effects of skills shortages this FY either in a minor (50%) or significant (43%) way

  • Skills shortages will have the highest impact on project delivery, nominated by 81% of our respondents

  • Headcount is on the rise with 71% set to increase their permanent headcount in the coming FY

  • Employees prioritise a pay rise, with 45% citing a pay rise as most important in the year ahead

  • Career progression is a high priority for employees, with 43% citing ‘lack of promotional opportunities’ and ‘lack of new challenges’ as the reason they are seeking a new role in the coming year



of employers set to give salary increases from 3% to 10% or more due to skill shortages
of employees have developed their soft skills to improve their job prospects in the last 12 months

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