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Hybrid working is here to stay. The events of 2020 radically accelerated the uptake of remote working for many organisations and proved that office-based staff do not need to be tethered to an onsite workplace to remain productive. Clearly, the parameters around where work gets done have changed forever.

​​​​​​​Why do good employees quit? Turnover can be costly and with the supply and demand ratio tipping in favour of skilled professionals, retention makes sense as a strategy to fortify against skills shortages.

Disruption is second nature to IT teams. Even before COVID-19 hit, dealing with unforeseen change and innovating in response to it was part of their day-to-day – it was their bread and butter. After all, it’s change and disruption that often fuels the need for technological solutions. But the pandemic has brought a whole new meaning and momentum to the word ‘disruption’, even in the eyes...

Most employers understand the importance of a strong value proposition in attracting top permanent staff, but far fewer consider it to be a vital element when attracting contractors. Yet with organisations becoming more agile and utilising more contract and temporary staff than ever, a strong value proposition is exactly what’s required if you are to attract non-permanent employees when you...

COVID-19 has driven up demand for IT talent. As organisations plot their road ahead, IT hires are crucial to their plans. But in a competitive market, how can you stand out to find and secure top IT professionals?   Throughout the pandemic, demand for technology talent has evolved. First, we saw a need for people with cloud-based skills who could deploy systems such as AWS and Azure...

Employee monitoring can benefit both an organisation and its staff – provided it is implemented sensitively. With organisations increasingly monitoring their employees, and more workers now open to it, what steps do you need to take to ensure you get employee monitoring right?    From their keystrokes and browsing history to their brainwaves and emotions, organisations are...

As organisations enter the next, very different, era of work, you need the right people to succeed and thrive. After all, both organisations and people have changed because of Covid-19, so now, more than ever, you need to ask the right interview questions to secure top candidates in the next era of work.  Following are five interview questions to ask candidates when conducting a job...

Equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace remain high on the agenda of organisations as we transition to the next era of work. Despite COVID-19 headwinds, the continued rise of progressive movements such as Black Lives Matter and resulting demonstrations around the world have brought the issue of equality, diversity and inclusion, or ED&I, firmly to the fore and shone a...

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, employers took swift action to create a mentally healthy workplace – often while simultaneously navigating the challenges of an entirely remote workforce for the first time. Now, as workplaces adopt a hybrid model, in which they combine remote and onsite working, employers again need to face the challenge of how to care for the mental health and...

Upskilling is not a new concept. Before COVID-19, employers were investing in upskilling to boost employee attraction, retention and engagement and to gain a competitive advantage when faced with constant technological change.  Today, as some organisations return to growth and others chart their way back to recovery, upskilling is gaining focus once more to ensure teams are prepared for what is...

Interrupted education. Internships withdrawn. Cancelled graduation ceremonies. First job offers retracted. First jobs furloughed. First jobs completely lost. The COVID-19 crisis has robbed many of the younger generation - those just on the cusp of starting their professional lives - of experiencing so many of life’s important milestones. It has disrupted the very rhythm of their lives, and,...

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world of work has undergone unprecedented levels of change. However, change is nothing new. Even before this crisis, organisations were pivoting products or services, introducing new digital tools, responding to disruptions and even transforming their workforce in response to the changing needs of customers and emerging technology. Now, as we...

Recognising top performers has long been viewed as a good strategy to motivate performance. But when budgets are tight, how can you reward your employees?

Shaking hands enthusiastically before a face-to-face meeting, sharing pens to scribble down ideas during a brainstorming session, bonding with our colleagues whilst taking part in a team building session. These are all innately human social interactions that we wouldn’t have thought twice about doing before the pandemic hit. In our pre-COVID working world, it was interactions like these that...

In light of recent events, it’s easy to forget that performance review season is fast approaching. Most managers have spent the last few months grappling firstly with the logistics of moving their entire team to a remote working model, followed quickly by determining how best they could manage this remote workforce. Before we knew it, the pendulum began to swing back, and the focus shifted to...

There are certain times when employee motivation is easier to achieve than others. If your organisation has recently been forced to reduce headcount, it’s understandable that remaining staff may feel anxious and worried about their future. Knowing how to motivate employees during such times is crucial to bringing them together and keeping them focused. This will help to maintain peak...

If there’s one thing social distancing measures have shown us, it’s that a large percentage of the workforce can work productively and successfully from home. The traditional perspective that people must be physically present in one set workplace during standard business hours has been turned on its head. Scepticism has been replaced with a new-found awareness that output, performance and...

In just a few short weeks, the world of work has undergone significant change. Teams that worked closely together in one physical location now operate remotely and are learning how to adapt to the changing needs of their customers while doing so. Clearly, we are in a moment of unprecedented and rapid transformation, which calls for teams that can pivot quickly. Today, major change can...

Be honest with yourself, how good are you at talking about the future with your team? When I say, “talking about the future”, what I really mean is: how good are you at talking to your employees about their future career goals and aspirations? In my experience, some managers are good at it, but most are not. While some skilfully weave these types of forward-looking career conversations into...

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