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Since early 2020, we’ve all experienced or witnessed considerable change in the world of work, leading many careers to take unexpected twists and turns. In some instances, this has made it harder for professionals to feel as though they can effectively plan their careers in a way that they might have done pre-pandemic. Hear from Eliza Kirkby, Regional Director at Hays Australia, as she...

The long-term impact of the pandemic on our work life is an enduring conversation. Right now, however, it’s clear that employers’ expectations of executive assistants (EAs) and personal assistants (PAs) are changing. Here, we look at how executive assistant roles are changing and the implications that EAs and PAs should be aware of to continue to succeed and thrive in their chosen career.

The challenges of the pandemic have forced many businesses to adopt an innovative mindset in order to adapt to new demands in record time. And while many of us look forward to the world returning to what will be the new normal, this way of thinking is something that many organisations will want to hold on to.

One of the lasting legacies of COVID-19 will be the unprecedented experience of young people who looked for, or started, their very first job during this pandemic. The ‘lockdown generation’ of school and university leavers will enter the world of work in a very different way to those that are training or supporting them. What role can employers play in helping the next generation take the first...

After a challenging 2020, many people are contemplating what their career will look like in 2021. So, if you are actively looking to find a new job, or casually keeping an eye on the jobs market, you probably have questions about job searching in 2021. We have answers too.

Upskilling is not a new concept. Before COVID-19, employers were investing in upskilling to boost employee attraction, retention and engagement and to gain a competitive advantage when faced with constant technological change.  Today, as some organisations return to growth and others chart their way back to recovery, upskilling is gaining focus once more to ensure teams are prepared for what is...

The ongoing COVID-19 outbreak has seen rapid and significant change sweep across the world of work, with organisations activating business continuity plans and transitioning their employees to remote working. For a large proportion of us, then, our day-to-day working lives now look very different to just a few weeks ago. Added to this is the requirement to help your department or...

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is here and rapidly gaining ground. Many jobs are being automated via technologies including artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things and cloud computing. Research from management consulting firm McKinsey suggests less than 5% of occupations will become fully automated in the future. However, about 60% of occupations could see at least a third of...

Employers place great value on talent who drive their own learning agenda. Given that new technologies are continuously changing the way industries operate, companies need to do more than invest in the training of their existing workforce to stay on top of emerging trends. They need to hire in talent with an ‘always learning’ mindset. It’s tricky stuff. On the one hand, for the employee...

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