How did you get that job? - Series 2

How Did You Get That Job? - Series 2 is the Hays Technology podcast which explores the secrets of career success through insightful conversations with tech leaders at the top of their game.
Join Shaun Cheatham, Chief Sales Officer at Hays Technology, as he speaks to those who have the coolest tech jobs making a difference to the way we live our lives.

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S2 E4: The journey to CIO with Ivan Woo (Qi Group)

In this episode Shaun is joined by Ivan Woo, who is the Chief Information Officer at the Qi Group. Ivan started his tech career as a programmer and he talks about his passion for working hard and facing challenges which has helped unlock doors for him along the way. Ivan also shares that one of his biggest inspirations is the book ‘What Got You Here Won’t Get You There’ by Marshall Goldsmith.

S2 E3: Speaking to Techies and Investors with Angie Zhu (Microsoft)
In this episode we meet Angie Zhu who is the General Manager of AI & IoT Innovation Labs at Microsoft. In her career she has led over 100 innovation projects which have included autonomous cars, healthcare and retail.
Learn more about her non-traditional career path from the finance industry to technology, and hear advice on how to communicate with different stakeholders, including techies, investors and management.

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