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New software rollouts. System integrations. Regulatory changes. Successfully launching an MVP or overhauling an initial business plan. From multinational enterprises to start-ups and scale-ups, agile change management professionals are needed right now to manage these transitions.

​​​​​​If you’re an experienced change manager, trained in Agile methodologies and skilled in securing stakeholder buy-in and user adoption of new initiatives, you’re in demand.

Whatever industry, sector or organisation size you want to work in, we’ll connect you with exceptional opportunities – and help make change happen for you too. 

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We’ll work with you to identify roles where you can make the most use of your skills – roles you won’t find elsewhere – and we’ll help you to develop these skills, with access to top-class training. You know just how important good communication is, so we’ll keep you updated and support you every step of the way. 

We listen to what you want and make sure the jobs we suggest match with what matters most to you. And most importantly, we’ll then help you to secure a role that’s just right for you. 

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Your Change Manager job questions, answered

Where can I find Change Manager jobs in New Zealand?  

We regularly advertise new jobs for Change Managers right around New Zealand. Click below to check out all Change Manager jobs or those in your nearest city:    

What is Change Management?   

Within IT, Change Management can mean different things. From a narrow perspective Change Management refers to a Service Management (ITSM) discipline, usually associated with ITIL. More broadly Change Management refers to organisational change, with a focus on the human context.
In the post-Covid world, marked by shifting priorities and business transformation, the Change Manager has an instrumental role to play. 

What does an IT Change Manager do? 

The Change Manager is focused on the impact of change on an organisation. Their role is to help embed a change or transformation, so that the desired benefits of a project are achieved.
The Change Manager will support the adoption of a project through the application of a change methodology. 

What is a Change Manager’s job description? 

  • Support the development and delivery of an effective Change Management strategy   
  • Build excellent internal relationships. 
  • Engage with sponsors and senior leadership. 
  • Coach managers and Project teams. 
  • Apply recognised Change Management techniques   
  • Undertake risk assessment. 
  • Conduct business readiness assessment. 
  • Support the design and rollout of a communications plan. 
  • Support the design and delivery of a training strategy. 

What skills does an IT Change Manager need to have? 

Change Mangers need a sound understanding of Change and project methodologies, which can be backed up by certification. Outstanding communication is essential, including the ability to influence and coach.
The Change Manager must have strong relationship building skills at all levels of an organisation. The nature of the role demands that the Change Manager is organised and has a high level of time management. If you have this background, you’re likely to be in demand.

What skills and experience do employers look for in a Change Manager? 

Employees look for candidates that have been involved in large and complex organisational change. They want to see a track record of embedding change within an organisation. In a world of accelerated business transformation, they look for the ability to successfully take employees on a journey.
A strong business understanding is required, which could involve industry specific knowledge. And in the current climate organisations want candidates who are flexible and adaptable, because business priorities are shifting at pace.
As organisation increasingly adopt Agile frameworks, experience in an Agile environment is often highly regarded.  

Are there lots of Change Manager jobs available in New Zealand? 

Because of the huge number of digital transformation and change projects taking place in organisations of all sizes and across all industries, demand for both contractor and permanent change managers is at an all-time high.
This means it is a great time for you to think about your next career steps and start looking for a role that really excites you. 

What qualifications does a Change Manager need? 

Change Managers will typically have a degree in a related field, and many Change Managers will seek additional certification, such as CCMP or Prosci. However, employers will usually value recent experience of complex change ahead of qualifications. 

What’s the career path for a Change Manager? 

The need for Change professionals is anticipated to increase providing ongoing career options for Change Managers. As Change Managers gain more experience, they can take on roles involving larger and more complex change. There is also the option to take on more senior and leadership positions with Changes practices. 

What type of employers hire Change Managers?  

With the demand for change constant, the importance of experienced Change Managers is on the rise. This is the case across a range of industries including: financial services, public sector, utilities, services, telco, manufacturing and logistics. 

What tools and software does a Change Manager use? 

Processes, frameworks and tech will vary from organisation to organisation, however familiarity with standard tools, such as Jira and Confluence, is often desirable. 

What salary does a Change Manager earn in New Zealand?   

This will depend on your location, industry and experience. Change Manager salaries tend to start around $110,000, increasing to $150,000 and above if you have more experience. Remuneration can be as high as $180,000 in the most competitive areas.  
Constant changes to technology and the impact of macroeconomic factors are putting organisations under pressure to improve their IT infrastructure. This is welcoming news for those with Change Management qualifications. For our latest guide on typical IT Change Manager salary packages, please refer to our Hays Salary Guide.  

How to become a Change Manager in New Zealand?   

A degree in a relevant discipline is a good starting point. This can be backed up by industry recognised accreditations from the likes of Prosci and the Change Management Institute. It is essential that you develop your core skills and that you can demonstrate effective communication, relationship building, stakeholder management and coaching abilities.