Insights and daily rates for IT contractors  

The IT Contractor Rates Guide provides the daily rates for more than 60 IT contractor roles and market insights from across Australia and New Zealand. 

Demand for tech contractors has levelled out, however pressure remains across specific roles and industries. With many organisations now finalising their digital transformations, attention is turning to how to best utilise the new capabilities that digitisation can offer, and the skills needed to capitalise on this.  

As technology skills become a requisite across all areas of the New Zealand economy, organisations will need to find ways to differentiate in the market to attract the best IT contractor skills.  

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Key findings from our Contractor Rates Guide 

A number of organisations are finalising their digital transformations and are now pivoting to understand the best use of their new capabilities and data. The advent of mass AI adoption has also seen a number of businesses start to utilise AI programs, putting more pressure on highly specialised skill sets.  

There has been a levelling off of rates from their peaks over the past few years, however as technology skills are being required by more and more organisations, being able to attract top talent is still a priority. Organisations need to explore levers beyond dollars to attract skilled technology professionals. For contractors, in addition to rates, this means considering the broader value exchange that a business can offer.   
Contractors are focussed on understanding the details of the projects they’d be working on, the ability to learn new skills, or to work on projects that align with their purpose. Organisations are now competing for these skills with a pool of employers across many different industries, so should communicate these details clearly.  

Key takeaways for employers: 

  • Staff attraction including contractors, in an even more competitive market is key. 

  • Consider personalising your flexibility offering for the individual. 

  • Widen your candidate pool to consider workers from other industries. 

  • Streamline recruitment processes when juggling contractors and offers. 

  • Ensuring your organisation’s purpose and employee value proposition are up to date and communicated clearly.

Key takeaways for contractors: 

  • Demand has levelled out so be prepared for this to be indicated in rates offered. 

  • As more organisations finalise their digitisation efforts, consider industries you haven’t before. 

  • Keep expanding your technical and soft skill sets.