What is the average income of a Software Engineer in New Zealand?

A Software Engineer’s salary in New Zealand is determined by a variety of variables, including the company, sector specialisation, and degree of seniority and experience. A Linux Engineer can earn between $82,000 and $110,000 per year, while a Senior (.Net/Java) Engineer can earn from $115,000 to almost $140,000

The greater your experience and expertise in a certain field of software engineering and development, the more negotiating power you will have when it comes to how much you’re paid. If you have particular talents and knowledge that aren’t widely available, you can anticipate that several companies will want to hire you and pay you well. 

What is the average Software Engineer salary in New Zealand?

The typical Software Engineer salary in New Zealand is determined by location, experience level, and seniority. According to the 2020/21 Hays Salary Guide, a basic Software Engineer (.Net/Java) can make between $95,000 to $110,000 while a Full Stack Engineer (.Net/Java) earns between $120,000 and $130,000, depending on location. 

Download the Hays Salary Guide for a closer look at average Software Engineer wages across New Zealand. 

How does a Software Engineer’s salary progress from entry-level to senior?

As your career progresses, your compensation may increase to reflect the more skills and expertise you have. An entry-level Software Engineer will be a contributor with basic responsibilities that are concerned with daily operations. As your seniority grows, so does your level of responsibility. 

Entry-level Software Engineer salary

A solid foundation in computer science is required for entry-level Software Engineers. They’ll be able to work well within a team, write clear and concise code that is easy to read and understand and utilise basic design patterns. 

This will likely include the following tasks: developing new items, troubleshooting present ones, assisting clients or end-users, and managing their own time. 

At this stage, Software Engineers typically earn between $80,000 and $90,000

Mid-level Software Engineer salary

Mid-level Software Engineers will have more exposure and responsibility. They’ll make technological choices and know which technologies to use to tackle complex issues. They’ll also conduct code reviews, manage projects, and interact with stakeholders. 

At this point in your career, you’d be expected to know more complicated design patterns and tools. Some of your tasks will include: 

  • The ability to build high-quality, scalable code that is maintainable
  • Debugging complex issues across the full stack of a product or system
  • Developing long-term solutions utilising continuous integration 
When you become certified, employers will recognise your expertise and seek to hire you. You’ll be in high demand from businesses that want to automate procedures and enhance their engineering capability. As a result, a mid-level Software Engineer may make between $95,000 and $115,000 per year. 

Senior Software Engineer salary

As a Senior Software Engineer, you’ll be able to assume even more responsibilities and ownership, whilst working on the following tasks: 

  • You’ll be responsible for the overall software design and architecture, ensuring that all of your systems function properly.
  • You could also be in charge of managing other Software Engineers (including mentoring junior ones), defining technical direction, and/or owning key product features or components.
  • Managing projects, budgets, deadlines, and stakeholders. 
Your pay at this level will be determined by your seniority, the number of individuals you manage, the size of your business, and the sector in which you work. Senior Software Engineers may expect to make between $110,000 and $140,000 per year. 

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