DNA of a Marketing Director


What does it take to become a Marketing Director?

With the convergence of marketing and technology, the phenomenal opportunities offered by customer data, and the power of digital and social channels to engage with audiences, the role of marketing has never been more in the spotlight than it is today.

At this pivotal time for marketing, it’s no wonder that candidates frequently ask us about the path to success. What do I need to do to make it to the top? Which skills should I be working on today so that I am ready for the opportunities of tomorrow?

The DNA of a Marketing Director provides insights for marketing professionals on how they can reach the top marketing job and is based on a survey of over 400 marketing heads across Australia and New Zealand. 

We hope all aspiring Marketing Directors find the advice and insights in our report advantageous. 

Marketing Directors interviewed in the report

Brent Hill, Executive Director of Marketing, South Australian Tourism Commission

Jac Phillips, Senior Director & Head of Marketing, Visa

Julie Cutler, Head of Marketing, KPMG

Brent Smart, Chief Marketing Officer, IAG

Astrud Burgess, Head of Marketing, ANZ Bank (NZ)

Mohit Bhargava, General Manager Sales & Marketing, Village Entertainment Group

Morgan Jenkins, Head of Brand & Digital, SHEIKE