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Using a recruitment consultancy

In today’s highly competitive environment the reasons for using an effective recruitment consultancy are very strong. Selecting the right recruitment professional means you will receive timely, cost effective and innovative recruitment service using proven methods to add value to your workforce.

Not sure what sort of person you are looking for?

A good consultant will give their time willingly to help identify and detail the requirement. Therefore if a company is struggling to pin down what it is they actually want, calling in a recruitment company will help to work out what sort of individual is needed, how much they will cost and what they can add to the company. This is a key issue – almost every employee has an opportunity to impact on the bottom line. This impact usually increases in line with seniority, so whilst a fee is paid, making the right decision will pay for itself.

Making changes in your organisation?

Mixing a new culture with the old is often a tightrope walk. You don’t want to lose the experience that the long serving employees have, but at the same time you want to keep the business evolving in line with the market place. This transition period is definitely made easier with the help of an effective recruitment consultant who understands your objectives and can translate that to attract the right candidate to your position. Not only does the consultant need to find the right candidate, they also need to demonstrate that the opportunity is attractive for the candidate.

How do we know a consultant will find the right person?

Many employers are confident they can source their own candidates, and spend a lot of time sifting through resumes, calling people they know and trying to match the ideals they have for the position. In reality, using a consultancy immediately taps you into a source of people who have the right skills and attitude and who are on the job market. In a number of instances, we are contacted to help when a recruitment exercise has not been successful and has become a real time waster and source of frustration.

Tips for choosing a recruitment consultancy

  • Pick a reputable consultancy that has a decent history in the profession and are members of the Recruitment Consulting Services Association as well as ISO 9001 accredited.
  • Go for a firm which specialises in the discipline that you are recruiting for and who have a decent database of relevant candidates to offer.
  • Make sure you are happy that they have the market presence to attract the best possible candidate from the widest possible pool.
  • Meet the consultant – you must feel comfortable that the individual you will be working with can deliver the best outcome for your organisation.
  • Be prepared to work with them as a team – nobody knows your company as well as you do and they will rely on you for the right information.
  • Clarify terms of business so there is no confusion and you know exactly what to expect, and what the conditions of any guarantees are. 


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