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If you hold responsibility for sourcing, hiring or managing candidates on behalf of your organisation then you will know of the many challenges that can arise through each of these stages of the HR and hiring process.

At Hays, we understand first-hand what it takes to succeed in recruitment owing to our 40+ years of experience in fulfilling the needs of thousands of jobseekers and employers across all major cities in Australia. The depth and breadth of our expertise means we are ideally positioned to offer recruitment advice and insights to employers in this space.

In our selection of expert articles, Hays delves deep into the fundamentals of recruitment tips for hiring managers and employers to help relieve the burden or the pressures of your everyday hiring challenges. Our series of online articles speak to key topics such as writing position descriptions, how to conduct an interview successfully, working with recruitment agencies, bridging the skills gap, psychometric testing and more.

For further talent acquisition tips or information on your recruitment needs, or to skip ahead and register a vacancy for a role right now, speak to a member of the Hays team.

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How you can implement skills-based hiring

Unlock the talent you need with a skills-based approach to hiring. 

How to write a position description

Discover practical advice on crafting a position description for a new vacancy.

Attract the best candidates

Assessment centres

Assessment Centres are an alternative method of recruiting to the usual interview structure.

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Defining a strong EVP

Having a good employee value proposition (EVP) can help an organisation draw the attention of top talent.

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Becoming an employer of choice

Do you have what it takes to be a top tier employer? Find out more. 

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Conducting job interviews

Competency based interviews

Master the art of competency based interviews.

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Hiring temporary workers

Learn how to source and leverage temp or contract workers to successfully staff your team.

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How to conduct a successful job interview

Navigate your way through the interview process with this interview guide.

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Psychometric testing

Understand the mechanics of psychometric testing of candidates in this online guide from Hays. 

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Using a recruitment consultancy

How do you connect with a recruiter? Follow these simple tips from Hays to begin.

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Key Strengths

Bridging the skills gap

Learn how to attract and retain the most appropriate and best-skilled candidates.

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8 questions candidates will ask you

Discover the common questions candidates ask their interviewer.

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