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Volume Hiring Services

Mass recruitment at speed and scale can be daunting

High numbers in a quick time frame across wide geographical spread can require a huge amount of internal capacity to solve. 

Our volume hiring services provide you workforce agility when you need it by mobilising teams at speed and scale, while preserving a premier candidate experience.  
Any organisation is only as good as its people. That’s why we’ve designed a solution that’s enhanced by innovation and technology but keeps the focus on what matters – people.
We partner with you from day one, by taking the time to deeply understand your organisation’s needs and requirements.

We can offer your organisation:

Access to talent: Our market-leading candidate database, OneTouch, has access to over 70 per cent of the Australian workforce. Couple this with over 1,000 consultants in 39 offices across Australia and we’ll support you with your volume hiring needs – wherever they exist.

Value driven solution: With enhanced outcomes, improved time-to-hire and greater visibility, flexibility and control, our volume hiring solution is designed around your needs.
Risk management: Dedicated service governance teams, tailored solutions and industry leading health and safety systems reduce risk exposure.

Elevated employer branding: With local expertise and consultation, we’ll improve your brand visibility and reputation in the market. 

Innovation: Cost effective solutions deliver to your exact requirements in the required time frames. 

We are people focused and tech enhanced

We use smart automation and innovative technology to complement our volume hiring process. Candidates remain at the core of our volume hiring services, so your employer brand is of utmost importance. After all, technology does not yield results unless paired with excellent service delivery.

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