The IT industry in New Zealand is NZ's third largest export sector and is growing rapidly. The additional good news for workers is that we’re struggling to find the skilled workforce to keep up with such growth. As a result, there are many well paid roles for highly skilled workers.

Salary shouldn’t be the sole driver for career decision, but it’s certainly an incentive when it comes to choosing your path.

The highest paying IT jobs in New Zealand in 2024-2025

We’ve put together information on the highest paying IT jobs in Australia based on the findings from the latest Hays Salary Guide. Of the 15,324 respondents, there were 3,480 from the world of technology – the biggest sector to record results. 

Leadership: CIO (up to $280K)

The chief information officer (CIO) remains the highest paying job in the IT sector in New Zealand, with salaries up to $280k in Auckland. 

In today's complex and changing technology landscape, effective CIOs are relied on more than ever to spearhead digital transformations and deliver business value. This is reflected in their generous remuneration packages. 

NZ's leading CIOs are not only skilled in IT strategy but also have excellent business acumen, people management skills and the ability to navigate complex organisational politics. As their organisation's chief guide into future tech applications and trends, CIOs need to maintain a deep understanding of the latest innovations and how they can be applied to solve business problems. 

Workforce transformation has also put other IT leadership roles in the spotlight. Currently, chief technology officer (CTO) follows closely behind CIO as the second highest paying IT job in NZ, earning up to $250k in Auckland. 

In contrast to CIOs, CTOs focus mainly on the technical aspects of their organisation's digital transformation strategy and play a key role in driving innovation.

Another leadership position worth highlighting is the CISO manager (Chief Information Security Officer) which is becoming more and more important as cyber security becomes further under the spotlight. A CISO Manager can also earn up to $250k in Auckland.

Projects & Change Management: Project Director (up to $240K)

The constant demands of digital transformation have created the need for robust project management capabilities within organisations. Within the discipline of projects & change management, project directors have emerged as vital in ensuring the successful planning and execution of complex digital transformation projects, many of which involve multiple stakeholders and large budgets.

In recognition of their importance, project directors are the highest paid professionals in projects and change management, earning up to $240k.

Enterprise architects are the next highest paid projects and change management professionals, taking home up to $220k. Such high salaries are not surprising when you consider how integral enterprise architects have been in helping organisations migrate to the cloud.

Cloud: Cloud Architect (up to 230K)

The 'cloud' has been one of the most transformative technologies of the past decade and is only set to grow in the years ahead. This is reflected in the growing salaries of dedicated cloud architects, now one of the highest paying IT jobs in New Zealand, earning up to $230k in Auckland.

Cyber Security: Cyber Security Architect (up to $220k)

Along with the CISO Managers mentioned previously, there are a number of other roles in the world of cyber security that have become valuable as the need for digital protection increases. Cyber Security Architects can earn up to $220k in Auckland. 

In addition, Cyber Security Managers can now earn up to $180k, IDAM Architects up to $220k and Penetration Testers up to $180k.

Infrastructure: Network Architect (up to $170k)

A strong IT infrastructure the backbone of many organisations and as such, network architects who can design, implement and manage complex networks earn high salaries as a result. In NZ the salary can reach up to $170k. Infrastructure Managers can also earn up to $170k.

Data & Advanced Analytics: Data Architect (up to $200k)

Big data is here to stay, and it's been driving plenty of growth in the tech industry over the past few years. Not surprisingly, data-related roles are some of the highest paying in New Zealand. Data Architects can earn up to $200k, while Data Scientists can also earn up to $160k.

Software Development: Development Manager (up to $200K)

The last few years of digital transformation have not just pushed organisations onto existing platforms but necessitated the creation of new software to support business needs. Software development teams are in overdrive as they attempt to meet these demands. Development managers can earn up to $200k.

ERP/CRM: ERP/CRM roles (up to $200k)

As organisations strive to become more data-driven, the demand for skilled ERP and CRM professionals has increased. The effective use of relational databases that can store and analyse large amounts of data relies on a deep understanding of how data is organised and accessed. Three roles stand out in this area: ERP/CRM architects, ERP/CRM test analysts, ERP/CRM technical consultants and ERP/CRM functional consultants, all of whom can earn up to $200k.

For more information on the highest paying IT jobs inNew Zealand, download our Hays Salary Guide.