Hays undergoes brand refresh and repositioning to reflect the new world of work

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Published: 04 July, 2022
Hays, the global leader in workforce solutions and specialist recruitment, has unveiled a major brand refresh and repositioning to better meet the changing needs of organisations and professionals in the rapidly evolving world of work.
The significant changes to the world of work over the past two years have seen Hays evolve as an organisation – placing the company in a better position to meet the emerging requirements of its customers and address new challenges they are facing, such as long-term skill shortages, new job category creation, the constant need to upskill workforces, higher wage inflation and changing work habits. Hays is supporting its customers, both employers and candidates, in more ways than ever before to navigate what is a more complex world of work.  
The brand refresh and repositioning signals Hays’ continually increasing focus on delivering to its customers’ needs by providing a wider range of services. This transition sees Hays increasingly going to market as a HR and Talent Services business, bringing an integrated suite of services, including workplace solutions, MSP and RPO, alongside specialist recruitment, to help its clients grow and maintain their competitive advantages in this new era of work.  
Hays sees its role as Leadership Partner, working alongside its customers to solve the complex workplace issues so relevant in the world today, for example helping its clients design and implement strategies to create inclusive and equitable workplaces; delivering insights through the power of its people data to support clients in their decision making; providing advice on how to access Talent Networks that deliver the best fit for their business; helping create attractive employer propositions by truly understanding a company’s identity; and providing support with all aspects of their early careers proposition from strategic planning through to operational execution. 
Hays also recognises that professionals want different forms of support in their career. This means greater investment in becoming a true career advocate to its candidates by providing them with the necessary insights and tools to aid them in their career, facilitating learning to ensure their skills remain relevant in a constantly evolving world of work, and assisting them in developing a career roadmap to help them achieve their ambitions and empowering them to succeed 
As part of its brand refresh, Hays is consolidating its sub-brands, simplifying its structure and revamping its brand messaging so customers will all benefit from the full power of Hays’ capability locally and globally. The move will connect all areas of its business to enable better sharing of knowledge, continual enhancement of the suite of services that are available to customers and deliver a more personalised experience. The change is designed to make it seamless and straightforward to access any aspect of Hays’ services and easy to do business together.  
Alistair Cox, Hays Chief Executive, commented, “Hays sits at the heart of what economies need most to thrive – talented workforces – and we know that the creation, development and retention of workforces is becoming more complex. Our business is all about people, so this next phase of our own evolution is designed to better solve these challenges for our clients and candidates. By doing so, we aim to help more businesses and the people in them to succeed in this rapidly changing world of work.  
Cox continued, “It is an exciting time to be part of Hays, what we’re doing now will define our success as a business for years to come. The unique scale, breadth and depth of Hays’ knowledge and expertise worldwide makes us stronger in the market than ever before. Bringing the full power of our insights and capability to each customer in an integrated and customer-centric way will create a formidable platform for our own growth.” 
During 2021, Hays undertook comprehensive research with external experts, speaking to clients, non-clients, and candidates globally to understand their perception of what Hays does well, where opportunities existed and what they really wanted and needed from their partners and the role Hays could play. Hays also looked at competitors in the market to understand how others in the industry were evolving their own approach in order to understand how to truly differentiate Hays’ services in the market.  
Hays’ new tagline “Working for your tomorrow” is about preparing organisations and people to be stronger tomorrow than they are today. It signals Hays’ intention to work alongside its customers to help them achieve their goals. It also shows its commitment to putting its customers at the centre of everything it does, looking to the future and anticipating what is needed to help its customers make the most of the many opportunities that lie ahead. 
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For further information please contact Kathryn Crowden at kathryn.crowden@hays.com.au or Clare Zacka at clare.zacka@hays.com.au.

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