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Here at Hays, we value the insights of our clients and candidates and are always looking to understand the latest trends, challenges and motivations impacting your world of work.

To that end, we invite you to take part in our current live anonymous website poll, which takes only one click to complete.

Our poll is updated regularly and results can be viewed in real time. They provide a snapshot of the top issues impacting employees today. If you have any queries about our poll, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thanks in advance for taking part.

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Which of these working models do you think are most beneficial for your productivity?

Vote % Votes Options
Working in the office/co-located workplace
Working remotely
Hybrid working (a mix of working in an office and remotely)
Total Votes: 5

COVID-19 has changed the world of work, with employers now valuing new skills and qualities. Do you feel informed as to what’s required to make a shortlist today?

Vote % Votes Options
Yes – I have a clear understanding of what employers now want
To a certain extent – any advice is welcome
No – I’m uncertain how to make a shortlist
Total Votes: 34

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