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Hays Barometer Report
A snapshot of workplace mental health & wellbeing and equality, diversity & inclusion

In our new Hays Barometer Report, we asked employers and professionals about changes in the workplace as a result of COVID-19, specifically around two important topics; mental health & wellbeing and equality, diversity & inclusion (ED&I).
The survey was conducted in August 2020 and was completed by 4,105 people. Of these 966 responded as employers and 3,139 were working professionals. The report compares the views of employees and employers in various industries and locations.

The mental health & wellbeing edition

How are organisations and their employees faring in light of COVID-19? As the crisis drags on, business leaders have become more concerned with their employees’ mental health & wellbeing than perhaps any other time in recent history. We present to you a snapshot of how employers are acting to protect the mental health & wellbeing of their staff and how employees’ mental health & wellbeing currently stands.
Our report answers questions such as:
  • Why is mental health & wellbeing in the workplace important?
  • Who is responsible for mental health & wellbeing in the workplace; employers or employees?
  • How can I support the mental health & wellbeing of staff in a hybrid team?
  • Do mental health & wellbeing policies aid candidate attraction?
Key findings include:
  • 72% of employers say their organisation’s focus on mental health & wellbeing has increased either significantly or moderately during the pandemic
  • 42% of professionals rate their current mental health & wellbeing as positive, down from 63% pre-outbreak
  • 71% of professionals say job security has become more important to them since the outbreak of COVID-19

The equality, diversity and inclusion (ED&I) edition

The Black Lives Matter movement has led to many organisations examining the support they offer to Indigenous employees, but how effective have their actions been? We also asked employers about their current priorities and whether they plan any long-term changes to their workplace as a result of COVID-19. You’ll find the insights an interesting peek into what the immediate future could hold.
Our report answers questions such as:
  • How have COVID-19 and the Black Lives Matter movement shaped attitudes towards ED&I?
  • How do our ED&I efforts stack up to other organisations? 
  • How can we improve ED&I in our workplace?
  • Do ED&I policies aid candidate attraction?
Key findings include:
  • 30% of employers say ED&I will become more of a priority for their organisation in the next three to six months
  • 54% of professionals say an organisation’s ED&I policies will be either vital or important considerations when they next look for a job
  • 25% of employees say their organisation’s focus on ED&I has increased. Just 13% of their employees agree

Download your copy of the Hays Barometer Report – you have the choice to download the full report or just the mental health & wellbeing or equality, diversity & inclusion editions. 

We hope you find the material insightful. To discuss the findings or any other recruitment or world of work issues, please contact your local Hays consultant in New Zealand

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