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Find & Engage: the art and science of successful recruitment

The recruitment industry is evolving at a rapid rate. The traditional recruitment model has been transformed into a new model where art and science combine to help establish deep relationships in candidate communities through the power of digital technology, data science and personalised communications at scale. 

Advertise & Apply – the traditional model of recruitment

Due to these advances in technology, the traditional model of recruitment, which we call Advertise & Apply (the long-established process of employers or agencies advertising a vacancy, to which only those individuals actively interested in a new role would apply) is no longer as relevant as it was once deemed to be.

Why? Firstly, this model results in huge volumes of applications, significantly decreasing the likelihood of finding the best candidate. And secondly, it risks losing the established personal relationships between candidate and recruiter. Yet, this model remains prevalent across the industry today.

Find & Engage – sourcing great, not just good talent

We have developed and are deploying a new and improved model, one which we call Find & Engage. This takes the best recruitment practices and candidate relationships our consultants have developed over many years, and combines them with new technology and data science techniques available today to ensure we find the best candidates for any given role.

This approach puts the relationship back at the heart of recruitment, but uses digital technology, machine learning and data science to operate on a massive scale that has not previously been possible.

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