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Hays Journal is a bi-annual publication providing insight and news for HR, recruitment professionals and hiring managers on the ever-changing world of work. Explore issue 17 now by clicking on some of the feature articles below or downloading a full copy.

Hays Journal Issue 17

Issue 17 cover story: Alone in a crowd

Workplace loneliness is a daily struggle for many employees. Click below to see how organisations can work with staff to ensure nobody feels isolated.  

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Hays Journal - Analysis - Making things tick

Middle managers: making things tick

For many years, the roles of middle managers have come under scrutiny; when used correctly, however, middle managers are, or should be, an essential part of how any business operates.

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Hays Journal - Focus - Influencing direction

Internal influencers: influencing direction

While most businesses agree that staff can be the strongest brand ambassadors, using them as such can be a challenge. Some organisations are now appointing ‘internal influencers’ to engage with staff, promote new ways of working and help to attract new talent.

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Hays Journal - Rising to the challenge - Finding its voice

Voice search technology: finding its voice

The increasing impact of voice search in our personal lives is undeniable. But is your organisation prepared for this technology to enter the workforce?

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Hays Journal - Tricks of the trade Watch this space

Co-working spaces: watch this space

Co-working spaces are becoming ever more popular with large and small companies alike. But how can organisations decide if this approach is right for them?

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