Hays Journal

Hays Journal is a bi-annual publication providing insight and news for global experts in the world of work. Issue 16 is out now.

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Driving force: AI & productivity 

Artificial intelligence (AI) could provide a boost to workforce productivity, provided hiring managers and HR alleviates employees’ fears.

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Change Article

Embracing change

With competition everywhere, and the landscape continually shifting, how can we manage and respond to change to maintain competitive advantage? 

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Nudge Theory

‘Nudge Theory’, the idea that we can use positive reinforcement and indirect suggestions to impact behaviours, is not a new one, but, what possibilities could this propose for HR? 

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Compulsory wellness

Wellbeing programmes improve workforce productivity and retention, but with less than two in five employees participating, should they be compulsory?

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Rethinking feedback

Cultural, generational and technological shifts are encouraging companies to rethink feedback entirely. How can we upgrade performance management and what should this look like?

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