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Hays Journal is a bi-annual publication providing insight and news for HR, recruitment professionals and hiring managers on the ever-changing world of work. 

In this latest issue 18, explore the following articles:

Cover story: Giving the green light

The pressure for companies to go green is growing, from both consumers and employees. Furthermore, they need to show authenticity when evolving. But how can organisations take steps to improve their green credentials, and can it benefit their business? 

Recognition & reward: all due praise

Headline-grabbing perks have been a trend for many companies in recent years. However, some organisations are now exploring if offering improved recognition could be more beneficial for their people.

Productivity improvements: a different way

As productivity levels stagnate to below pre-financial crisis levels, is time running out for traditional measures, such as output? Will businesses need to focus on new areas to see improvements?

Staff engagement gamification: game on?

Through the use of game mechanics, gamification can tap into our innate sense of competition and desire to improve. We explore what benefits gamification can bring to an organisation, and how companies can engage their staff with it.

What’s in a modern leader?

Successful leaders across many different levels of seniority will need to evolve their skills in order to guide organisations into the future. But what does a modern leader look like and how can organisations develop them?

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