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Frequently asked questions

How are temporary workers and contractors paid?

You will be paid a fair and equitable market rate based on the complexities of the job, your expertise, length of assignment, travel distance and how much support you are likely to receive. Sometimes these factors change mid assignment, so please let us know if this is the case. We are happy to consider rate increases if they are justifiable.

When and where do I submit my timesheets?

You are required to submit your timesheet online every Friday afternoon, when the hours you have worked for the week are fresh in your mind. We suggest you set a reminder every Friday to avoid late submissions and avoid missing payday. This allows your line manager enough time to approve your timesheet ahead of the first pay run of the following week.

To login and submit your timesheets on the Hays Online Portal, you will require your payroll ID and password. Please note that these logins are different to those you use for your account on As there is also some client specific timesheet software, you might be using a different system to lodge your time. Your consultant will direct you on this.

How do I get a login to Hays Online Portal?

Once you have confirmed an upcoming assignment, you will be signed up to Hays Online where you can update your address, tax, bank and Kiwisaver information. You also access and submit your online timesheets via this portal if you are set up for Hays Online timesheets. You can expect to receive an email with details on how to access the portal for the first time.

What if I miss the timesheet deadline?

You may have missed a timesheet deadline because you forgot to submit your timesheet or your line manager hasn’t had a chance to approve your timesheet. In this case, please speak to your line manager to check they have now approved it before 10am on Wednesday (for Wednesday evening payment) or before Friday 10am (for Friday evening payment). Our twice weekly pay cycles mean you won’t have to wait long if you have missed a deadline. Speak to your consultant if you are unsure of the status of a timesheet.

How do I obtain information about OHS policies and procedures?

At Hays, the health, safety and well-being of all our temporary workers and contractors is our number one priority.

To work for Hays, you must undertake our online OHS induction prior to starting an assignment and should therefore know what to expect once you commence work. Please let your consultant know if you are not given an induction (including emergency procedures, etc) when you first start with the client. As your OHS responsibilities are detailed in the online training provided, please ensure you know what is expected of you to protect your health and safety whilst working for Hays.

Please be aware that your OHS needs to be renewed on a biannual basis.

You can also explore further information here or email an enquiry to

What should I do if I have any OHS concerns/identify a possible health hazard/injure myself whilst working at a client?

Talk to your supervisor or the client's OHS representative and call your consultant as soon as possible. Your consultant will advise you on the best course of action to take depending on the circumstances.

What if I don't like the assignment / company / colleagues / location etc?

Please call your consultant to discuss any issues regarding your assignment and they will advise the best course of action.

What should I wear?

If in doubt, ask your consultant. They should inform you what the environment is like before you commence so that you can ensure you are dressed appropriately, whether that is in a suit and tie or hi-visibility workwear.

Will you look for permanent work for me while I am temping?

Absolutely - as long as we know that's what you want. Ensure your consultant understands your needs. We have consultants who specialise in permanent work so you may need to also meet them. They can then give you advice on permanent jobs which are available in the market.

Can I get time off?

We wouldn’t expect you to need time off during short-term assignments. If you are attending interviews for permanent jobs, they should be made outside of normal business hours wherever possible. If in doubt, always check with your consultant so that we can liaise with the client.

If, however, there is an unavoidable situation and you do need to take some time off whilst on assignment, please speak to your consultant in the first instance.

What if I am sick?

Please call your consultant as early as possible so that they can inform the client and find a replacement if necessary. Please note sick leave is not paid for by Hays, as there is already an element included in your pay rate.

Are there any confidentiality obligations as a temporary worker or contractor?

Your confidentiality obligations are covered in the Terms of Engagement that you sign once starting work with Hays. Please be aware of your obligations when on assignment.

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