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Temporary work survival guide

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As a temporary worker or contractor of Hays in New Zealand, we are your employer and will represent your best interests to our clients at all times.

To ensure you reap the benefits and get the most out of your temporary or contract assignments, follow Hays' advice.


Our consultants understand the intricacies of your industry and will most effectively represent you to potential employers. Our experts will give you access to the best temporary or contract assignments available.

Communicate availability

Please keep your recruitment consultant informed about your current availability. We assume you are available for assignments until you tell us otherwise. Similarly, once engaged on an assignment, please keep us informed of any change in duties, if you are unable to work on a particular day for any reason or if your contract is coming to an end. As your employer, we are here to support you throughout your assignment.

Upskill always

Your best selling point is your skills, so make sure to continuously upskill yourself in new areas or technologies. At Hays, we offer free training and we encourage you to explore these options to increase your employability. Always make sure your technical skills and software skills are up to date.

First impressions

Similar to a job interview for a permanent job, always arrive early on the first day of your new assignment. Dress appropriately for your position and work environment, whilst always acting professionally. Please check with your consultant if you are unsure of the dress code.


Ensure you know who you are due to report to, the tasks you are expected to undertake and research the organisation before arriving on your first day.


Ensure you are representing yourself and Hays in the best possible manner and show respect for the policies, procedures and culture of the company where you are working. The expectations of temporary workers and contractors are often higher than those of full-time permanent staff members. You are expected to hit the ground running and learn quickly.

Task completion

If you’ve finished one task, approach your supervisor and let them know you have finished what you were assigned to do and ask for another task - be proactive and always be keen to impress.

Ask questions if necessary

You don’t have to be an expert at everything. Yes temporary workers are hired for their experience and skills, but you are encouraged to ask questions if you are uncertain about a particular task.

Market yourself

Once you are in an assignment, you are in the best position to market yourself within that company. Don't be afraid to look for further opportunities and if there are any other areas or departments where your skills might be needed. If you can see opportunities but don't feel comfortable investigating them directly, contact Hays and we will make enquiries for you.

Assignment extension

Temporary assignments have a finish date, but if it is extended, please let us know so we can ensure everyone is on the same page. Sometimes plans change, and if we know in advance, we can help to minimise any misunderstanding.


If you have any problems, please contact your consultant immediately. 

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