Hays Timesheets & Temporary Payroll Information

Hays timesheets & temporary payroll information

Hays Timesheets & Temporary Payroll Information

The following information will help ensure that the best possible service is provided to you as a temporary worker or contractor during your time with Hays.

Submitting Hays timesheets

The Hays Online portal is the easy and secure method to register your payroll related details with Hays Temporary Payroll and submit your timesheets. 

You will receive a welcome email after you accept your first assignment with Hays. This email will provide details on how you log in plus your payroll ID.

You are required to submit your timesheet on Hays Online every Friday afternoon, when the hours you have worked for the week are fresh in your mind. We suggest you set a reminder every Friday to avoid late submissions and avoid missing payday. This allows your line manager enough time to approve your timesheet ahead of the first pay run of the following week.

To login and submit your timesheets on the Hays Online portal, you will require your payroll ID and password. Please note that these logins are different to those you use for your account on As there is also some client specific timesheet software, you might be using a different system to lodge your time. Your consultant will direct you on this.

Hays pay cycles and payment dates

We run two pay cycles per week on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Approved timesheets should be submitted as soon as possible and will be picked up in the next pay cycle either:
  • Wednesday night; or
  • Friday night
Payments received will be dependent on your financial institution. For most major banks, payments are processed same day, or the next business day. 

Around public holidays, payment days may shift slightly, so please ensure you read all email communication from Hays. Alternatively, log into the Hays Online Portal, to check for changes to pay cycles. 

What if I miss a timesheet deadline?

You may have missed a timesheet deadline because you forgot to submit your timesheet or your line manager hasn’t had a chance to approve your timesheet. 

In this case, please speak to your line manager to check they have approved it. Once your timesheet is approved, it will fall into the next available pay cycle. Our twice weekly pay cycles mean you won’t have to wait long if you have missed a deadline. Speak to your consultant if you are unsure of the status of a timesheet.


You can access your payslips anytime by logging into the Hays Online Portal.

For any rate discrepancies, please contact your Hays Consultant.


KiwiSaver is a voluntary savings scheme to help set you up for your retirement. You can make regular contributions from your pay or directly to your scheme provider. To find out more information, refer to the Inland Revenue website.

Update your details with Hays Temporary Payroll 

It’s important that we have up-to-date details to ensure you get paid correctly. To update your details including personal and contact details, bank details, tax code declaration and KiwiSaver deduction, please log onto the Hays Online portal with your payroll ID.

Contact Hays Temporary Payroll

Your main point of contact will always be your Hays consultant so if you have any questions please reach out to them directly. 

For further assistance you can also call or email the Hays Temporary Payroll Helpdesk on +61 (0)2 8226 9618 or the following queries:
  • Non-payment
  • Non-receipt of payslips/timesheets
  • WINZ issues
  • IRD number issues
Should you have any concerns regarding your health, safety or wellbeing during your Assignment, or to report an OHS Incident , please call 0800 562 669, (choosing option 4) or follow the link to learn more about Hays Health & Safety.

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