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The unexpected soft skill employers need today 28 Jun 2021

Almost all (98%) New Zealand employers consider soft skills to be either more important or equally important to a candidate’s hard or technical skills, according to recruiting experts Hays. 
Find out why teamwork is the most important soft skill employers value in their permanent staff today. 

Hays Salary Guide: Salary expectation divide evident | Press Release 26 May 2021

More employees will receive a pay rise this year than last, but it will be a far less significant increase than they hoped for.

According to the FY 2021-22 Hays Salary Guide, released today and based on a survey of close to 600 organisations in New Zealand, representing over 1.6 million employees, 75% of employers will increase salaries in their next review, up from 44% who did so in their last review.  


Kickstart Gen Z’s careers post-pandemic | Press Release 16 Mar 2021

COVID-19 hit Generation Z’s entry to the world of work hard, damaging not only their career prospects but the sustainability of the future talent pipeline. Fortunately, employers who are returning to growth are uniquely positioned to help the COVID-era cohort of university and school graduates start over. 

The skills most in-demand in 2021 16 Dec 2020

Payrollers, Quantity Surveyors, Software Engineers and Commercial Solicitors make the list of the top skills required for 2021, according to recruiting experts Hays.

Pandemic-induced IT recruitment trends 01 Dec 2020

Demand for change management professionals and software developers, a move to remote onboarding and a requirement to retrain employees with legacy skills are three of the latest IT recruitment trends to emerge in response to Covid-19, according to recruiting experts Hays Information Technology.   

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