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Hotspots of skills in demand

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Hotspots of skills in demand are emerging across New Zealand’s active legal job market. Starting with Construction Lawyers, there is a shortage of Lawyers with training or expertise in this area. Given New Zealand’s strong construction market, demand is only set to rise.

Resource Management Lawyers are sought too. Given the active construction market, demand naturally rises too in the environmental sector.

Commercial Property Lawyers continue to be sought, particularly at the intermediate and senior levels. An increasing number of commercial developments is fuelling this demand, yet commercial property is a technical field that does not appeal to everyone. Further adding to the shortage of suitable candidates is the requirement from employers for candidates with hands-on experience.

Corporate and Commercial Lawyers are needed at the intermediate and senior level. With business confidence strong, demand is set to continue. However, this is a niche area and not every firm offers candidates in-depth exposure in this area. This has contributed to today’s shortage of suitable candidates.

Employment Solicitors with two to five years PQE are required. This is a very specific field in law and consequently there is a shortage of experienced candidates.

Litigation Lawyers at the senior to associate level are sought since senior level candidates often prefer to become Barristers.

Given the extent of candidate shortages across the legal sector, firms are starting to offer flexible working options where possible. Part-time hours and working offsite are very effective methods of attracting and retaining talent.

Jobseeker advice

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