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Human Resources

Hotspots of skills in demand


Demand will be high this half for HR Business Partners with experience partnering with a business to identify challenges and collaboratively develop effective and efficient solutions.

Health & Safety professionals will also be sought to ensure organisations are fully compliant with legislation. Given legislation, this skill set will be in high demanded for several years.

Learning & Development professionals and Organisational Development Specialists are a focus of demand across all sectors as organisations look to retain their top talent and upskill staff. Senior candidates must be able to take responsibility for creating, designing and implementing new training strategies across an organisation. Upskilling in e-learning and digital platforms will help a candidate stand out.

HR Managers / People & Culture Managers are in continuously strong demand to oversee new policies, procedures and compliance relating to employees. While People & Culture Managers are involved in generalist tasks, their focus is on how they can retain and improve the wellbeing of staff. With suitable candidates in short supply, offering flexible hours and work from home options can help attract top talent and improve the culture of an organisation.

Talent Acquisitions experts are needed too. The remodelling of recruitment in response to technology, the dynamics of the digital world, data science and artificial intelligence is fuelling this demand.

Jobseeker advice

An increase to the minimum wage and the Employment Relations Amendment Act make this half an exciting time for HR professionals. It’s imperative that candidates take the time to understand how these changes will impact your role and organisation.

If you are looking for a generalist role, ensure you brush up on your Industrial Relations knowledge.

As New Zealand’s market gains more international exposure, organisations are increasing their investment in retention. As a result, HR roles are evolving and demand is increasing for candidates with a specialist focus, such as Learning & Development, Health & Safety or industry specific expertise.

Before an interview, jobseekers are also advised to prepare examples of when and how you have successfully demonstrated strong leadership change.

We find that senior candidates often assume they do not need to share specific details of their experience with an interviewer as they submitted a comprehensive resume. However, the right cultural fit can make or break a job offer, so ensure you communicate to your interviewer who you are and your relevant experience. Share how proud you are to support employees and organisations alike.

Finally, upskill and follow market trends closely to ensure you remain relevant and employable in our rapidly changing world of work. Here’s 7 ways to upskill and keep yourself at the growing edge of your career without breaking the bank.