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Policy & Strategy

Hotspots of skills in demand


Policy and strategy experts will remain in demand this half to work on legislative and policy changes as the Government looks to build a better New Zealand. Impeccable written communication skills are required.

Policy Advisors, Governance specialists and Program and Project Managers are in growing demand due to key policy changes and projects and programmes resulting from the change of Government several years ago. In addition, the recent announcement of the new financial budget has highlighted new projects and programmes.

Candidates with regulatory experience are also sought given tax, education, health, environmental, immigration, housing, security and social services reforms, including the rollout of key government programs.

Subject matter experts and those with a background in social, economic, financial and environmental policy will be sought too. While staffing requirements will be high in the public sector, key policy changes will also impact small to medium businesses across the spectrum as industries and organisations seek advice from external professional consultancies or recruit in-house experts to review their current and proposed policy and operational changes.

Legislation, local government, core government and third level qualification skills are also in demand.

Salary trends

Despite demand, salaries will remain consistent in response to tightening resources and budgets. The exception will be for highly skilled professionals with specific subject matter expertise, including Economists and Data & Research Analysts, who will see some increases.

Jobseeker advice

Policy and strategy experts are in high demand, however the market is competitive. Therefore, it is important to understand what value you can bring to an organisation and communicate this effectively in an interview. Giving real examples of your work, including written work, is vital.

It is also advisable to proof read your CV and ensure it is formatted well. Your CV should not be too lengthy and must give a clear snapshot of your career. It must also be tailored to the position so that a potential employer can clearly see your suitability when shortlisting a large volume of applications.