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Hotspots of skills in demand


New Zealand marketers are closely monitoring international trends in digital customer experience and personalisation and tactically implementing new techniques once their effectiveness has been proven.

As a result, we will continue to see demand this half for content management experts. Beyond traditional communications objectives like reach, awareness and brand equity, organisations are using content to strategically qualify and nurture leads and drive customer acquisition. Content Editors with inbound marketing skills and Communications Executives with content writing, imagery and video production skills will be in increasing demand since large corporates have established internal studios to manage production for advertising, digital and owned media channels.

Retail marketing is another area of demand. Current major retail developments will add a significant number of new locations to the Auckland retail landscape alone. Several international retailers have also announced their entry into the New Zealand market or expansion plans. This will fuel demand for Retail Marketing Managers, Merchandise Planners and Retail Operations staff.

Another factor driving the demand for marketing professionals is the adoption of automation and AI. As was highlighted in our recent website poll, half of New Zealand workers have already seen their job responsibilities change as a result of automation. One of the most prominent examples is the use of automated AI customer relationship management platforms. Demand will only continue to grow for candidates with experience using such platforms.

In particular, New Zealand’s SME sector continues to prioritise activities that allow them to directly acquire, convert and maximise paying customers. Marketing automation platforms such as Hubspot and Marketo are increasingly popular. This is creating demand for Marketing Communications Specialists with proven demand generation and campaign optimisation skills using these platforms.

Finally, demand will increase for marketing professionals with strong IT skills. Marketing job descriptions increasingly feature skills that were once the sole domain of IT. These include front end development stacks such as HTML and CSS and database skills like SQL and SAS.

Jobseeker advice

New platforms, techniques and technologies are continuously being explored and utilised, yet the fundamentals of customer communications remain the same. Modern technology enables a higher level of personalisation, which requires greater consideration of the customer context and a more granular communications program. We encourage marketing candidates to embrace and master marketing automation, CRM and data platforms as well as the technologies that support them.

To differentiate yourself, bring to an interview samples of your work and be prepared to showcase your unique insights and creative approach.

Consider upskilling. A report claims the half-life of learned skills is now about five years. Regardless of your role or level of seniority, it is therefore essential to continuously upskill in order to stay relevant in an increasingly mechanised world. Here’s 7 ways to upskill and keep yourself at the growing edge of your career without breaking the bank.

Finally, consider how you can demonstrate your data fluency, strategic thinking and readiness for AI-integrated workforces to stand out from the crowd. Read our advice on the latest trends here.