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Hotspots of skills in demand


Low trending unemployment and increasing activity across several industries continues to fuel high demand but a short supply of strong sales professionals across New Zealand.

Unsurprisingly, with one in seven jobs directly or indirectly related to tourism, the hospitality industry sees particularly high demand for customer-oriented salespeople.

As New Zealand’s technology sector grows and becomes increasingly more competitive, IT sales professionals are in rising demand. Given the technical nature of these roles, employers look for candidates with previous experience and favour proven performers who are working from direct competitors. This has impacted salaries to an extent and has also led to tighter contractual restrictions with regards to non-compete clauses. In some instances, it has also led to more protracted notice periods.

We continue to see demand for media and education tech sales candidates who can drive the sales of new products into the New Zealand market as Australian-based organisations look to grow their reach across the region. Sales professionals who can create and implement three or six-month business plans with minimal local support are popular.

The industrial sector is also active, with demand from SMEs in construction and related industries. Employers look for candidates with proven experience winning new business as well as managing existing accounts.

Organisations ideally seek salespeople with relevant industry and or product knowledge. For example, if a job requires solutions sales, it is technical in nature and therefore trade, engineering or IT qualifications are advantageous.

In addition, organisations ideally seek salespeople with wider commercial experience who can draw on an existing network and consult with prospects as well as assist with strategic planning, commercial analysis and reporting.

Seasoned sales professionals who can work autonomously are another area of demand. With many roles requiring a candidate who can travel to cover a set territory or several regions, self-directed workers are sought.

An increasing area of demand is for candidates with strong social media skills who can enhance and maintain a digital presence. 

Jobseeker advice 

Salaries for both sales and key account manager roles remain competitive. Therefore, realistic expectations are required when looking for your next role