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Fatigue risk control


Fatigue is a condition of being physically or mentally tired or exhausted. Extreme fatigue can lead to an uncontrolled and involuntary shutdown of the brain or ‘microsleeping’ with serious consequences for safety. 

Your co-workers need your help regarding potential fatigues risk because often they are unable to identify it in themselves. Some common things to look out for both with regard to yourself and your co-workers include:

  • Reduced quality of work
  • Slow job performance
  • Making errors
  • Near-miss accidents
  • Having trouble focusing 
  • Having trouble recalling certain details
  • Head drooping
  • Constant yawning 

Ways to Reduce Fatigue Risk 

  • Get eight hours of sleep before starting work
  • Sleep at the same time each day. 
  • If you work a shift pattern and are trying to sleep during the day, find a cool, quiet and dark location
  • Use earplugs, soft music or a fan to block out any noise when trying to sleep
  • Avoid caffeine, alcohol and cigarettes
  • Exercising will not only give you enhanced stamina it will also help you to fall asleep
  • Taking all scheduled work breaks, healthy snacking or exercise during the break can be refreshing
  • Eat a well-balanced diet, beginning the day with high protein foods and ending with carbohydrates
  • Do not eat large quantities of food before bedtime

Practice self-awareness and remember to always work carefully and methodically, following proper procedures. 

Working other jobs outside of Hays employment

Working other jobs outside of Hays employment can result in a higher risk of fatigue, if you are working any other jobs other than your Hays job you must inform your Hays consultant.

How to report a Health & Safety issue or concern  

Do not think because you may be new on site that you should not report a hazard.
To report any health & safety concern or hazard please contact the Hays Health and Safety team by calling:

Freecall Australia1800 786 057
Freecall New Zealand0800 562 669 (select option 4)

Alternatively, if you prefer you can also report this by speaking to your Hays consultant. Hays will always work to ensure that your safety comes first and so and will take the necessary steps required to safeguard this. All calls are confidential, your identity will not be divulged without your specific prior consent.

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