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Hand protection

A large number of the injuries reported by temporary workers at Hays relate to hand injuries. The less serious injuries include lacerations. The more serious have included fractures, amputations and nerve damage that have an obvious impact on the injured worker’s quality of life.

Hand injuries are preventable

Many hand injuries are easily preventable with a little bit of attention and not rushing to get a job done.

Some of the following hand injuries are exactly the same.

  • Taking off gloves when handling sharp objects can lead to cutting your fingers and the palm of your hand
  • Removing mud from the rotating blade of a hand held power tool can lacerate your finger
  • Using the wrong blade to cut an object can cause serious harm when it jumps
  • Catching a load that weighs much more than you are capable of holding can crush your fingers
  • Using a blunt blade whilst cutting towards you can lacerate your hand

The above examples illustrate the harm that can come from a moment of inattention and the relative ease with which hand injuries can be avoided.

Hand held tools

Use tools designed for the work being performed and inspect hand held power tools before use to ensure they are in proper working order. Ensure guards are fitted to power tools and if missing, fit them or report equipment to your supervisor. Finally cut away from your body when using a blade.


Keep your hands away from sharp edges and if handling objects that do have sharp edges, wear gloves that fit your hand and are suitable for the work being performed to avoid being cut.

Objects under restraint

If you are securing or untying an object, or lifting an object that can shift, keep your hands away from the path an object may fall along. Trying to catch an object that is shifting is a natural reaction but if the object is too heavy for you to hold your hands can become trapped between fixed objects and result in serious injury.


Do not think because you may be new on site that you should not report a hazard. No job is so important that you should risk your health and it is far more effective to address a hazard before an injury occurs.

To report a hazard, please contact the Health and Safety team at Hays, they can be contacted on the free call number; 1800 786 057

You can also report a hazard by speaking to your consultant.

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