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Incident reporting

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Hays recognises that many temporary workers may be reluctant to report incidents, damage to equipment, hazards, near misses or injuries for fear of not being asked back on site. However. we take risks to your health and safety seriously and encourage you to report all incidents to your immediate supervisor and Hays as soon as possible to ensure the safety of all workers at our client sites.

We encourage you to report hazards and risks you come across at your work location that have the potential to adversely impact upon your health, safety and wellbeing If we do not know about risks to your health and safety then we cannot prevent an injury from occurring. It is in everyone’s interest to ensure that we manage risks before an injury occurs. This means reporting: hazards, near misses, damage to equipment or injuries as soon as possible. 

Incidents usually occur for several reasons including:

  • The wrong equipment being used to complete a task 
  • Faulty equipment
  • The workplace environment
  • Human error

If a hazard, incident or a risk is reported, Hays will take it seriously and investigate further if required or appropriate to reduce the likelihood and severity of any potential injury.

  • The aim of any investigation will be to prevent an injury occurring not to apportion blame
  • Reporting a hazard will not see you removed from site. An incident that causes damage to equipment or plant, because of a hazard that should have been reported but was not, may well result in your removal from site
  • An injury that was caused because of a hazard that should have been reported but was not, can also have very serious financial, social and personal implications
  • No job is so important that you should risk your health and safety

How to report a Health & Safety issue or concern  

Do not think because you may be new on site that you should not report a hazard.
To report any health & safety concern or hazard please contact the Hays Health and Safety team by calling:

Freecall Australia1800 786 057
Freecall New Zealand0800 562 669 (select option 4)

Alternatively, if you prefer you can also report this by speaking to your Hays consultant. Hays will always work to ensure that your safety comes first and so and will take the necessary steps required to safeguard this. All calls are confidential, your identity will not be divulged without your specific prior consent.

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