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How to stay tech savvy

Forget what the robots are doing – 4 practical ways to make sure you stay relevant

There’s a lot of focus on what robotics and AI might take away, but actually embracing technology can pay huge dividends for your career if you approach it in the right way. So how do you keep your knowledge current and relevant?

Be inquisitive.

This is a fundamental value for Hays employees and what makes us expert at what we do. If staying relevant and current with new technology is important for you, then you need to be curious and look for things you don’t understand so that you can push yourself to learn about them. The easiest path is the well-worn and familiar one – shaking that up can feel like a great achievement.

Be brave.

We all know that technology is morphing, changing and evolving at a fantastic pace, some of it having more immediate impact than others. Jargon is rife and can leave you behind pretty quickly – so if there is something you don’t know about, ask! Most people who do have the knowledge are pretty open to sharing so tap into their wisdom – and be prepared to do the same for others.

Be discerning.

It’s impossible for anyone to know everything about everything. Pick the channels that have the most relevance in your own field and find different ways to inform yourself about them, be that through mentors, colleagues, news sites or following savvy individuals on twitter. Focusing on what’s really useful to you in your day to day work will make it much less likely you’ll get overwhelmed.

Be relentless!

This is not a one-time activity. You really have to bake this into your day-to-day and train yourself to stay aware and alert to anything that might need a bit of further investigation. Read the tech section of your favourite publication or follow it on social media. Nothing stands still and neither should you.

Digital transformation is not just about what organisations are doing – although many companies are spending a significant amount of time and money ensuring their business stays relevant and competitive. It’s also what individuals like you are doing to ensure you stay relevant – particularly if you aren't exactly a digital native.

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