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Think of career development as a marathon, not a sprint. It’s a process that you should take at your own pace for the sake of getting where you want to be when you feel you are ready. As an authority on this topic, Hays has pulled together a series of articles to help you find your way in your field of expertise.   

Career progression opportunities can mean many different things to different people. Whilst getting a pay rise is high on the agenda for some, others may have a clear focus on mastering the art of management to climb the corporate ladder or perfecting a certain set of professional skills to better themselves day-to-day. It’s important that you maintain foresight over the goals that matter most to you so you can craft your own professional development plan to achieve ultimate job satisfaction. 

Browse the list of articles below to learn about personal branding, tips for success in the workplace, career planning and looking for career-advancing opportunities. 

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Making great impressions

Here's how to pass your probation period with flying colours.

8 things to set your career up for success

Establish practices that will help you carry momentum into the new year. 

The new career path

The modern career path is much more than job titles and can now take many different shapes.

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How to write a resignation letter

Download our resignation template and get tips on resigning the right way.

Tips for success at work

Find out how to become more successful in your chosen field with top tips from Hays. 

8 tips to achieve success

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Quiet quitting

Is quiet quitting a trend or a reflection on how the next generation are viewing what we term ‘work'?

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Work-life balance

Tips on how to achieve a better work-life balance in an increasing hybrid and remote working environment.

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Personal development plan

Learn why developing a personal development plan is important and how to use it to advance your career.

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How to write a resume career objective

Learn how to craft a compelling career objective for your resume that will get noticed by hiring managers.

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How to adapt to change at work

Shifting your mindset and adapting to change in the workplace is a skill that can be learnt. 

Discover more

The importance of networking

Best practice tips and advice for successful networking in a professional environment

Mental health and wellbeing at work

11 ways to take care of your mental health and wellbeing at work.

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Career Progression

Signs your boss cares about your progression

How much your boss cares about your career progression is key to your progress.

Read some of the signs

Starting a new job

Remember these tips for starting a new job

Learn how to make a positive start in your new job with the tips from Hays.

How to ensure success in a newly created role

7 considerations to help you succeed in a newly created role.

Thrive in your new role

New job starter with laptop

Tips to ease your new job nerves

Follow these 8 tips to keep your new job nerves in check. 

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Manager and staff discussing asking for a promotion

Ask for a promotion the right way

Take these 7 steps to prepare for the promotion conversation.

Career Progression Tips

Career progression guide

Discover tips and actions you can take to influence your career path.

10 qualities of a good leader

Learn these vital leadership attributes to become a truly great leader.

How to ask for a pay rise

Thinking of negotiating your salary? Learn how to achieve this goal in a professional way.

Read this 7 point plan

Setting career goals

How to set career goals

Learn how to set career goals and write a plan with clear, actionable objectives.

7 steps to set career goals

How to be tech savvy

Discover simple tips to stay abreast of the latest technological updates at work. 

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Stretch opportunities

Keep looking ahead to continually grow  in your career. Learn how with advice from Hays. 

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Time management tips

Work smarter, not harder to earn better results in the workplace. Learn how with Hays. 

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Managing workplace burnout

Burnout involves long-term, enduring stress, but there are ways you can reverse course.

Learn how to prevent

How to successfully network online

Connecting with peers online can lead to great career growth opportunities.

Leverage online connections

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