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It’s time for a career check-in

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Are you happy with where you’re at in your career? Is your current job giving you what you need to progress in your career? Maybe you just want to do something entirely different instead?

Taking the time to do a proper pulse check of your career is necessary if you want to keep it moving and not have it stall the next time you decide to start looking for a new role. In fact, 83 per cent of employees report that improving their skills is one of their top priorities1, and in our own Salary Guide, it was found that 60 per cent of employees value career progression opportunities.

So with many looking to continually build on their skills and keep progressing, the importance of checking in on how your own career is progressing has drastically risen. Our steps below will help you to perform your own career check-in, and our downloadable guide will help guide you on where you need to go next depending on how you view your own career and role. 

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