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Preparing for a job interview is a good opportunity to sharpen your presentation and communication skills ahead of the big day. Researching your employer of choice and having a clear view on what the job description entails will stand you in good stead during the selection process; but there’s more to it than that and it starts with learning the basic interview skills.

As an expert in recruitment, Hays has outlined key topics to support your preparation and maximise your chances of landing a job offer. From techniques to winning over a hiring manager, to things to say and not say during an interview, to navigating tricky questions and scenarios with ease, we’ve covered it all in our interview advice pages.

Meeting a potential employer is perhaps the most significant step you will take in your job search journey - it’s crucial that you swat up on tips and techniques to gain confidence and help set yourself apart from the competition. You may never get a better chance to make a great first impression. Browse articles on how to pass a job interview from the experts at Hays below. 

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Behavioural job interview questions

Don't get left behind in the interview. Review these important pointers from the Hays experts. 

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Competency job interview questions

Ensure you are mentally equipped for the challenge ahead with these tips from Hays. 

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Situational job interview questions

Master these types of interview questions with practical guidance from the Hays team.

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How to get time off for a job interview

Read our expert advice on how to get time off work to attend a job interview.

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How to answer job interview questions

You can never be overprepared for a job interview. Find out why with this advice. 

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Refining your job interview techniques

Polish up your skills for interviewing with helpful tips and guidance from Hays. 

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Three types of job interview questions

Beware the three most important job interview questions. Find out more in this guide.

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Video interview tips

Prepare for your next job interview with these 10 top tips from Hays. 

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