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The Fourth Industrial Revolution is here and rapidly gaining ground. Many jobs are being automated via technologies including artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things and cloud computing.

Research suggests about 60% of occupations could see at least a third of their job tasks automated, while the half-life of learned skills is now about five years. This makes constant learning a requirement of ongoing career success.

In this collection of articles we look at how you can continually develop and learn new skills to stay relevant and employable in the face of all this rapid change.

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Ways to upskill in your job

Learn how to supercharge your expertise and your career growth.

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Upskilling outside the office

Enjoy these tips on maximising your time outside of the office for upskilling.

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Job-ready soft skills you need to have

Discover the soft skills you need to succeed in the modern workplace from Hays. 

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Showcasing you're a constant learner

Read about the skills required to learn with profficiency and develop in your role. 

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Skills to keep you employable

Understand how to gain skills to remain employable in the New Zealand workforce.

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Skills vs. Competencies

Find out the distinctions between modern skills and competenices in our guide.

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